Below is an excerpt from our long tradition:

In 1583 the drill maker Jacob Heller from Schmalkalden/Thüringen in Germany is mentioned for the first time in a chronicle on being given permission to produce drill tools.

In 1849 the industrial production of drill tools begins in the newly-built works in Schmalkalden.

In 1928 Heller becomes the first company in the world to manufacture tungsten carbide  tipped drill bits in serial production.

In 1945 after the end of the Second World War the company relocates to Bremen  and makes a fresh start there.

In 1976 the Gebrüder Heller Dinklage GmbH is founded in Dinklage, Germany.

In 1993 the parent company in Bremen ends its business operations, the company is now run completely from Dinklage.

In 1998 the Dutch company Nimbus Investment Fund BV acquires Heller Dinklage and integrates the activities of it and the associated company Rex Tools into the activities of ToolWorks B.V.

In 1999 the business activities of the English Hillcliffs Works Ltd., Sheffield, are incorporated into the ToolWorks Group. Dinklage is developed as the site
for the production of tungsten carbide tipped rotary hammer tools.

2002 In spite of the generally poor financial situation, for the third year in a row Heller has recorded a twofigure percentage increase in sales.

2003 The previous shareholder of ITW Heller GmbH, Nimbus B.V., Zeist, sells the shares to Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), Glenview, USA. Heller will continue to be an independent company and due to the consistent alignment of ITW with the fastening and securing sector will be able to take advantage of considerable synergies.

2004/2005 Significant expansion of manufacturing capacities as well as considerable invests in "Made in Germany" facilities.

2006 High level optimization of Bionic hammer drill bit, market launch of ExtremeMaster natural stone drill bit and QuickBit cordless drill bits.

2010 Launch of Trijet 3-cutter SDS-plus hammer drill bit. The Trijet sets the standard regarding life and rebar cutting.

2010 The international renowned design prices "red dot" and "iF" have been dedicated to the Maxxbox.

2011 Launch of taps & dies range for construction trades.

2012 Heller gets the iF product design award 2013 for the Trijet product family.

2013 Market re-launch of the new SDS-max EnDuro multi-cutter line.

2014 In addition to a range of innovative new products, Heller showcases the next generation of the tried and tested Bionic Hammer Drill Bit. The new Bionic Pro has also convinced the world's most renowned designers, who recently chose it for the red dot design award 2014.

2014 Introduction of the Duster Expert Hollow Drill Bit. The new solution for dust-free drilling.

2014 Heller with Serafin Group as new owner.