Serafin Unternehmensgruppe GmbH

Serafin is a group of companies headquartered in Munich whose philosophy is based on the more than 150 years of the Haindl family's entrepreneurial tradition. The foundations for an economic success story which has upheld the values and responsibilities throughout the generations were laid back in 1849.

The objective is to establish a group of companies with a turnover of one billion euros which is designed to generate stable revenues. The key area of investment is in succession in medium-sized enterprises and group spin-offs.

Enterprises whose business activities overlap to some extent with the existing companies in the plastics processing and consumer goods divisions are of interest. Serafin is also seeking to establish further business divisions, e.g., automotive or mechanical engineering.

For investments, the Group exclusively resorts to capital from the shareholders. Independence of external financial commitments and short decision making paths guarantee a fast and discrete company acquisition, which is always founded on a majority holding.

Serafin serves as a link between the group's individual companies for strategic and financial issues and supports these actively in the implementation of operative measures by closely involving its own employees and the experienced advisory board. Each individual enterprise keeps its identity in this process.

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