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Drill bit adviser

Hammer Bits

SDS adapter
The SDS adapter is available in various designs for power drills. Made to fit the different bit diameters, there is the most popular SDS-plus adapter with a crosssection of approx. 10 mm and the SDS-max adapter with a cross-section of approx. 18 mm. The SDS adapter general has two functions: Locking: The bit/chisel locks by means of opposite recesses running lengthwise in the tool, into each of which a ball, integrated in the drill chuck, engages. Torque: The torque is transmitted via grooves in the bit/chisel, in which lengthwise ridges in the drill chuck engage. With axial transmission of the hammer percussion, the balls descend and the ridges slide into the grooves.
Drills with a spline adapter are also used. These facilitate drill holes within a diameter range of approx. 12 mm to 38 mm.