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Drill bit adviser

Hammer Bits

Certified & safe with PGM seal
Heller holds a certificate from the independent Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer e.V. (PGM) for its products. PGM defines stringent requirements for secure drill-hole/anchor connection. Through monitoring and tests, PGM ensures that the user is only offered drill bits that are made to suit an application using approved anchors. Only a few manufacturers in the world are authorised to carry this seal, which every user of hammer or percussion drills will have seen before. Bits with this seal deliver what many others claim: geometrically precise holes, which offer maximum grip for the anchors and maximum safety for the user.
User-protection through vibration monitoring
Heller is the first manufacturer specialising exclusively in drill bits to test its products in an independent institute for the adverse effects of drilling vibration. If a rotary hammer is integral to the application, it can be expected that so-called “hand-arm vibration” could have some form of long term effect on the users health. The “EU Vibration Directive 2002/44/EC” aims to help, in that it stipulates the maximum vibration to which users may be exposed. Lowvibration power tools are called for in addition to low-vibration techniques – but low-quality drill bits can also have an adverse effect. Low cost, poorly designed drill bits can reserve the effect of low vibration power tools. Heller drill bits demonstrated optimal effectiveness and extremely low vibration in the practical tests. In fact, they even distinctly reduced vibration.
Control & reliability with the Heller quality seal
Product safety and user protection are paramount at Heller.These policies translate to high-quality products that are absolutely reliable in use. The “Quality for Professionals” label is Heller’s hallmark of superior product quality. The certified and externally monitored manufacturing process means that products meet stringent safety requirements.The use of only select highquality steels and tungsten carbide inserts, customised on highly automated, computer-controlled systems, guarantees that Heller drill bits conform to the state of the art and have the maximum service life.