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Drill bit adviser

Hammer Bits

Checking for reinforcements
Heller hammer bits can even withstand impacts with reinforcements. But we recommend you use a detector to check the wall for reinforcements before beginning to drill and only to drill holes in the pure masonry. Reinforcements are there for structural reasons and should not be cut if at all possible. If this cannot be avoided for design reasons, a structural engineer must be consulted beforehand.
Checking for pipes & cables
We advise you to check the area around the drill hole for pipes and cables before starting to drill. Cables and pipes usually run up or down perpendicular to the socket or fitting. For that reason, we recommend you do not drill directly above or below a socket or fitting. In the case of through-drilling, you should check the structure of the opposite side of the wall. It is essential to use special detectors.
Greasing the adapter
We recommend you lubricate the shank end of the drill bit with thread grease before attaching it to the drill chuck. This will extend the service life of the hammer drill.
Removing material residue
Before installing an anchor, it is essential to remove material residue from the drill hole to ensure optimum grip for the anchor.