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Drill bit adviser

Hammer Bits

Tungsten carbide cutting edges
The innovative, patented Heller tungsten carbide cutting edges are optimised for the toughest applications in concrete & stone. Even concrete reinforcements pose no problem for the uncompromising tungsten carbide cutting edges. A cutting tungsten carbide profile and additional grinding areas make for extremely fast advance. The integrated protruding tips ensure ideal starting and perfect centering.
Milling technique
The spirals are manufactured using the grinding or milling technique. They are ground from the whole piece. This ensures accuracy of the spiral line. The spiral outside and inside diameter are adhered to exactly. The advantages in use are quieter operation and continuous removal of dust.
Spiral forms
Patented spiral forms guarantee – for example, by means of an alternatively narrow and wide back edge – optimum removal of dust without any blow-outs. Extremely high speed with ideal transmission of impact energy thanks to computer-aided design. In addition, Heller hammer bits are outstanding for quiet, low-vibration operation.
HST Hardening
The special technique of hardening by blasting makes for the perfect surface finish: the probability that a Heller hammer bit will break under very high loads is extremely low – even on impact with reinforcements. Ideal, especially with long dimensions: HST hardening guarantees high bending flexibility without breaking.
True-running test
Every Heller drill bit is subjected to a strict true-running test at the end of production. In the event of deviations from the setpoint, the hammer bits are adjusted to the correct measurement. Computer-controlled sensors detect deviations to the micrometre. Special rams then bring the bit into the exact true-running range. The advantages for the user are greater precision of diameter and depth of the drill hole and less vibration during work.