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Simply. Faster. Heller.

The new Bionic Pro SDS-plus hammer drill bit – fast and low in vibrations!

Heller presents the next generation of proven and popular Bionic SDS-plus hammer drill bits:
Heller is setting a new benchmark on the market for two-sided cutters by enabling to drill with considerably less vibrations and at high speeds for a longer lifetime. Thanks to the innovative "Twinmax 3D" helix design, the Bionic Pro SDS-plus drill bit boasts a great volume displacement. The optimised spiral shape positively affects the volume displacement and the impact energy throughput. This makes the new all-rounder even faster and more effective. Rounded-off cutting edges, lower friction, a more stable head geometry and a 2-point centring tip also increase the lifetime in concrete and reinforced concrete. Wear has been considerably reduced thanks to the revised hard metal geometry. The HST-hardened surface makes the Bionic Pro less susceptible to breakage – even upon hitting reinforced concrete.

Thanks to its versatility, the Bionic has been one of the most popular products in the hammer drill bit segment. However, it goes without saying that Heller is always seeking innovations to improve its products even more. In this process, Heller strictly focusses on the demands of its customers. This is underlined by being able to significantly reduce the commonly occurring drilling dust explosions.

It goes without saying that the Bionic Pro is certified by the Masonry Drill Bit Testing Association (PGM) according to the requirements of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). Please click the following link to directly access additional product information, the overview of our product range as well as videos and images:

Bionic Pro SDS-plus hammer drill bit: simple. Faster. Heller.