Material qualities
Material qualities

Material qualities

CV / Chrome Vanadium steel
Alloyed tool steel for sawing soft materials like wood, chipboard or plastic.
High-speed steel (HSS)
Completely hardened high-speed steel for working on hard materials like metal, aluminium and non-ferrous metals.
Alloyed tool steel with tungsten-carbidecoated teeth for working on abrasive materials, hardwood, fibreglassreinforced plastics or gas concrete blocks.
Dressed with tungsten carbide granules
Alloyed tool steel, the saw blade of which is dressed with tungsten carbide grit. Specially for abrasive materials and glass, ceramic or fibreglass-reinforced plastics.
Flexible, laser-welded combination of alloyed spring band steel on the blade back and high-speed steel-tipped teeth. Excelling cutting performance with 2 to 10 times the service life and high breaking strength.