Tips and tricks
Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks

Removing chips when drilling
Regularly withdrawing (airing) the drill bit prevents chips from building up in the spiral of the bit. If it is not aired and the chips are not removed, the channel will become blocked and the drill bit will jam and may break.
Guiding the drill bit
Drilling with a pillar-type drill helps to drill precise holes and keeps the drill bit linear. Drilling with a hand drill requires a very steady hand.
Material suitability
The bits will stay sharp – and the cutting efficiency in metal and plastic will remain high – for a long time with careful use. It is important not to use the tools in ceramic, stone or other materials for which it is not intended.
Drilling hard materials can cause the tools to overheat. The more the cutting edges wear, the higher the probability that the bit will break. To ensure a long service life it is important to apply a suitable coolant throughout the entire drilling operation.