SDS Chuck
The SDS chuck is available in various types for electrical machines.
Designed to match the bit diameter, the most widespread types are the SDS-plus chuck with a diameter of approx. 10 mm and the SDS-max chuck with a diameter of approx. 18 mm. The SDS chucks generally perform two tasks:
1. Retention: The bit / chisel is locked in place by opposing long recesses in the tool into which balls integrated into the machine's chuck latch.
2. Torque: Torque is transferred to the bit / chisel by means of grooves into which long webs in the chuck grip. For axial transfer of the hammer impact, the balls roll off and the webs slide into the grooves.

Spline shaft
In addition to this, drills with a spline shaft system are deployed to drill holes in the 12 mm – 38 mm diameter range.