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Drill bit adviser

Duster Expert

Duster Expert Anti Dust Drill Bit

  • Extraction drills to drill and clean in one step: dust is extracted where it develops, directly within the hole
  • Simple application and secure anchor installation: almost completely removes dust, making subsequent hole cleaning obsolete
  • Cost-effective solution for end users: save time cleaning the hole and/or the surrounding area
  • Equally durable and comparable performance to a standard drill
  • Universal and flexible applicable with SDS-max hammers and regular professional vacuum cleaners
  • SDS-plus dimensions on request
DiameterTotal lengthWorking lengthPackaging UnitProduct Item Number
14-600128620 3
16-600128621 3
18600400128622 0
20600400128623 7
22600400128624 4
25600400128625 1
28600400128626 8
30600400128627 5
32600400128628 2
35600400128629 9