The Best Prospects!
The Best Prospects!

The Best Prospects!

New products 2016

Heller core bits - eight times better for reinforcements, plus unparalleled drill core removal: Heller‘s new core bit is equipped with tooth geometry optimised for particularly high speeds, smoothness and durability. The even quicker and more stable teeth achieve the best results and efficient dust removal thanks to an alternating sequence between pointed teeth and trapezoidal teeth. This is particularly advantageous for reinforcements because Heller‘s new core bit lasts at least eight times longer when used with reinforcements than its predecessor.

  • Even greater stability and long service life
  • Extremely quick progress thanks to grounding the drill hole edge area
  • Length and diameter of the tool freely combinable in the ratio system

Core Remover: Heller has developed the „Core Breaker“ system to counteract the difficulties that are always faced when removing the drill core from bits. This allow it to be easily pulled out, even from fixed drill bits. Core removal has never been this quick and easy. Particularly practical: one tool passes through the individually adjustable pins for various drill bit sizes.

Starbreaker Ratio: Particularly individually combinable with various connection options in the flexible Ratio system.

  • Highest drilling performance and long lifetime thanks to the use of special carbide
  • Rapid progress even in hard concrete
  • Precise starting even in difficult corners

Power Blades & Quality Blades: The new, comprehensive range has been designed for all conventional applications and materials. Specially selected materials and careful processing guarantee extreme precision and long durability.

  • Available for all conventional systems and machines: UN, SuperCut and the new Starlock System
  • Comprehensive range for wood, metal, stone and concrete as well as plastics and silicone
  • Very long service life thanks to accurate processing and high-grade materials

Heller Universal Bits: The Heller universal bits first come in two sets and are suitable for the most common screwing applications in hard and soft materials. Range extensions to torsion and impact bits will follow.

  • High-quality S2 material
  • Practical and extremely handy magnet holder
  • Available in the particularly attractive and practical MiniBox

More information you can find in our new product flyer: